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Avoid the snoozefest, just give them a Pineapple

In today’s 140 characters or less culture we have become harder to engage on Facebook.  We add more friends, like more pages and as Facebook marketing grows we are getting ever more ads served to us. This means more competition on our news feeds.

Therefore it is vital that brands post with dimensions of value in mind; information, monetary, saving time, VIP, Access, personalization etc.

We have to produce engaging content that is served to people that want that kind of content. Me, I like Pineapple. Cabbage not so much. But if you want my attention on Facebook it’s not enough to simply avoid Cabbage.

Too often video on Facebook defaults a 30sec clip that provides some information, a little quip or jest and then (boom) the sales message “We are the solution!”.  But as we can see below, that is likely to fall badly short.

Above are results from a generic ad, promoted to 000’s of people and many clicked as they like the brand, but got bored within seconds and let their thumb (mobile first remember) do the talking.  By 4 seconds we were down to 33% retention. Non social content has a tendency to do this.

How to cut a pineapple is an art, an art you can pick up relatively fast.  Pineapples are very popular, but even more popular when you aim a useful tip like this (see above) at people who have already clicked on similar posts.  85% of the audience watched 100% of the 30 second clip.  Same brand but this time compelling content with deeper value from a section people have clicked on before, tracked using Facebook’s custom audiences.

So, is it about the right content or the right audience? Now, more than ever, it is about how both are combined. Placing content streamlined for Facebook users, targeted at the section of a fan page who have told you they like this kind of content is how your message cuts through.

Simply put, collect data from your Facebook fans by tracking them through Facebook’s custom audiences.  Then feed them valuable video content based on their behavior. Building custom audiences builds success and lowers your advertising costs. You can learn more about Facebook custom audiences here and more about Pineapples here.

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