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case study: the arcade guys

Go into BFCM with proven ads



Arcade games are a mostly seasonal product that reports most sales during the holidays. What do you do during the down time then? You plan!


During the slow season, we strategically A/B tested various ads in the gaming arena to find the most impactful ones, those generating sales all year round. 

The successful ads didn’t just survive the slow season; they dominated it. As the holiday season approached, we deployed these winning assets, ensuring they were positioned perfectly to capitalize on the increased demand. It was like reaching the final boss level in advertising – and winning big.


Unmatchable performance!

With an investment of less than $18,000 in social media advertising, we sold out of arcade machines. This strategic approach proved that even during downtime, the right ad could significantly level up sales. Convincing gamers wasn’t just a game; it was a level-up strategy.

drop in cost per purchase


increase in sales


increase in spend


our winners ads