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Facebook-Audience-Network: Is it worth it?

When Facebook first launched its Facebook-Audience-Network (FAN) placement we didn’t pay much attention to it. Seemed like a weird way to get apps to generate revenue and didn’t really provide much value to advertisers with the low amount of inventory available at that time.


As they frequently do, Facebook found a way of surprising us by making the FAN ads completely seamless and part of the native flow of publishers and their apps.

Recently we started paying closer attention to FAN’s performance and saw a cost per conversion 25% lower than ads on the Mobile Newsfeed and 37% lower than Desktop Newsfeed ads. From an ignored placement within the Facebook world, it now turned into a way of actually generating sales.



 Does this mean we should just focus on using FAN?

That would be a no. Even though the placement is generating a lower cost per conversion, it still doesn’t generate the majority of the volume of sales. It’s a great new channel to advertise and will get better as more and more publishers and apps form part of this network.


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