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Instagram ads now available across the Caribbean region

October 5, 2015 Posted by Benjamin Harries In Instagram No Comments

Today Instagram finally opened up the ads portal to Puerto Rico and the rest of the Caribbean.  This means your Instagram feeds will soon be full of sponsored posts.

Great!  Or, not great?

Instagram is owned by Facebook and shares the same ads portal. This will enable advertisers to use the tried and tested tools of the Facebook ads manager.  This includes video, CTA, app downloads, click to website, Custom Audiences etc.
Once up and running we should all be able to see relevant ad messages, so this is great news!
The Instagram organic purists will insist we keep the ads looking beautiful (that’s a good thing, not a bad thing) and the metrics Facebook offers will give connected brands the ability to see if this matters.

As Instagram lines up against Facebook (it’s partner) and Twitter in the Caribbean region we will soon find out if it was just a cool tool for selfies or a player in the advertising marketplace.

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