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Mission: Livestream to Facebook

September 5, 2015 Posted by Benjamin Harries In Facebook,Video No Comments

Mission: Livestream to Facebook.

Result: Mission Accomplished.

StartDate: 5th September 2015.

Recently, with our news personality friend Ada MonzonJumpstart Digital live-streamed behind the scenes footage from Ada’s live weather report straight to her Facebook fanpage. This was my first Facebook live-stream via the Facebook Mentions app and life will never be the same.

I started my Facebook profile in 2007 (a little late in life, no ‘.edu’ email address for Ben) with a few hard hitting bombs like ‘Just about to cook dinner’ and ‘Ben is at work’. Classic, retro posts from a bygone age. Moving on to scrappy photos, pointless check-­in’s, low definition video and some less than dynamic collages I eventually found my feet and a level of quality communication.

When JumpStart live-streamed that post direct to the Facebook newsfeeds of Ada’s Facebook fans, I had a eureka moment. Technology, bandwidth and UX had combined to provide something joyfully groundbreaking. The live comments, likes and shares were off the chart, and I’ve seen some steep charts recently.

Such thrills have marked my life. Call me sad but I remember my first Instagram post like it was yesterday, a behind the scenes photo of a hack scribbling notes on a Denver Nuggets basketball game. I got two likes and felt very proud, and thought I was so very clever.

Do you remember your first group email? Text message? Mobile phone call? OK, now I’m really showing my age!

The future of advertising and communication is getting more and more Andy Warhol as I type.

We are living in the age of everybody being famous for fifteen minutes and moving into a time of everybody having fifteen million impressions for all.

Clear your throats, wear nice clothes and speak clearly because social media is going live.

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