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Digital Brand Presence

Amigo Digital 360

In February 2015, we created the complete digital brand presence for Amigo supermarkets. Redesigned the website with a custom look and consumer driven content and created all the content on the website, UX, connectivity and design. We created the full digital 360 presence of a brand from nothing to having everything they need to succeed in the digital space. Increased web traffic, built audience data and increased engagement month on month. This resulted as a launched and creation of Amigo’s digital brand presence and voice.

Posted by Bryan Plaza

Walmart Pay

JSD did a campaign branding and design, billboard creative, landing page, digital banners and social creatives. Also, media planning and buying for digital in July 2016. The results were beating projections of product adoption in the first 2 months.

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Connect Assistance

Increase in engagement of the message and Christmas tactic during December 2016. We showcased the Christmas free service and message of good will to all of Puerto Rico from Team Connect. It resulted into huge shareability and social commentary.

Posted by Bryan Plaza