JSD Agency


What we do

No two brands are alike, which is why we take pride in preparing personalized service portfolios that address our clients’ unique needs. 

Media Planning and Buying:

We use data to create a media plan that accomplishes your brand’s goals, optimizing every buy in real-time and measuring every result.

Digital Strategy:

The first question we’ll ask is, “What is your goal?” It’s the best question to ask any company that’s doing digital in order to develop a personalized strategy. 

Metrics and Analytics:

Our aim is to report on data points that allow us to draw insights and  optimize the way we plan digital. You probably have more useful data than you know.

Social Media Management:

Our approach demands an organized social media strategy. Our managers report on measurables, not entertainment.


With mobile being the primary device on almost all social media channels, JSD is committed to producing the sharpest and most engaging mobile designs for your brand to benefit from.


We will tackle the brief with a strategic, UX-first approach to produce concepts that can be executed without delay, including full connectivity to other digital channels such as email and social media.