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The new age of Facebook

Facebook used to ‘Move fast and break things’ but now they just move fast. JumpStart Digital and client Gustazos.com were recently invited to Facebook HQ, Menlo Park, Palo Alto CA to sample the culture, soak in the vibe and take part in a series of workshops.

We learned two things – First, video is the new king of the newsfeed and second, Facebook is even more mobile than we imagined…and we imagined quite a lot.

88% of all Facebook ads served by JumpStart Digital are placed on mobile.  When you take off tablet and the Facebook Ad Network (FAN) you are left with around 6% on desktop.  If that isn’t a wake up call for desktop-first marketers then I don’t know what is.

So we’re using Facebook on our phones – got it. We also love video (or is it that Facebook loves video and we are going to love it, like it or not?).

The average cost per view across JSD clients on Facebook video posts is $0.01. The average cost per engagement on Facebook photo posts is $0.05, so the math is quite simple, if we promote video content we get 5x the value. Of course, that is if you create the right video content.

Digital creative for social media is becoming video first.  Whats next? Virtual reality? Augmented reality? Do I have to wear an Oculus? Snapchat changed the game here and Facebook moved fast to counter.

Get out your drones, GoPro’s and make sure you buy the latest radio microphones because success on social media means fast production and constant delivery of quality storytelling video content.  Don’t forget the value proposition or to be led by your goals, but make no mistake on what you need to do in the new age of Facebook.

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